Teachers will often use their own money for decorations and supplies in their classrooms. Teachers don’t always have the money to purchase supplies in large quantities. We searched the internet for the best school supplies at an affordable price that teachers could use. Check out the complete list below.

Teachers, please let us know if there are any school supplies that you missed.


Bulk Oops Pencils – $25 for 432

Students often lose, break or forget their pencils. Purchase a set of “oops” pencils at School Supply. Due to manufacturing errors (often misprints in words or names), these pencils cannot be sold in custom packs. U.S. School Supply bundles them together and sells them cheaply. $25 will get you more than 430 pencils, costing about 6 cents for each pencil.

Teacher Special Sharpener: $14 – $25 per order, depending on

To keep your pencils sharp, you will need a sharpener if you purchase more than 400. However, electric sharpeners and the standard crank-type sharpeners can be distracting and loud during classes.

Teachers for teachers created this sharpener. It is quiet, portable, and cheap so students can use it at their desks.

Bulk Mechanical Pencils & Lead – $18.25 48 pencils/$8.75 24 tubes of lead

You can skip sharpening and visit U.S. School Supply to purchase bulk mechanical pencils. A package of 48 mechanical pencils costs just $18.25, or 38 cents per pencil! Lead prices vary from $8.75 for 24 tubes to $54.15 per 144 tubes.

Mini Whiteboards (from Shower Board), $10 – $15 (depending upon the material used) for 40 boards

Small, desk-sized whiteboards can be expensive if you have more than 30 whiteboards. A trick that experienced teachers have known for decades is the shower board. Depending on the material, you can find shower boards at hardware stores such as Lowes and Home Depot for around $10-$15 per sheet. They are dry-erase marker-friendly. A large sheet can make 40 whiteboards.


Hoot Of Loot allows teachers to sell old supplies and classroom decor. Hoot of Loot allows you to support other teachers by shopping there. You can also narrow down your search by category and zip code. You can also sell your classroom decor if you change grades.


Craigslist is often packed with retired teachers selling school supplies and classroom decorations (especially during the summer). Quick searches make it easy to find great deals and sometimes even free supplies. Use the keywords “teacher” and “classroom” in both the For Sale or Free categories.

Yard Sales

Look for school supplies at your local yard sales. You never know what you may find!

Office Supply Stores – Ask for the Manager

Although Office Depot or Staples seem a good place to buy office supplies, this tip is important. These stores often sell folders or other supplies very cheap, but you cannot buy more than the limit. Ask a manager to increase the sales limit. Explain that you are a teacher to the manager, and they will be able to override this limit. Bring friends along to enjoy the amazing discounts if all else fails.

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