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This has been such a fun set to make and add to our growing collection of preschool packs. The colours are so vibrant and the little bugs oh so cute! Let's go through what you will find in this pack that is over 100 pages of learning fun for your little ones.

First up there is a beginning sound snail match. The aim of this activity is for the children to match the beginning sound picture to the correct alphabet letter. These snails are my favourite and very cute and colourful. You can download a free sample of this activity by clicking the image below.

 Next I added a beetle number match game. Here is where children can match the numbered dot to the correct numbered bug. A very simple early math game.

 Next up is a colour sorting game. Children can sort the coloured dragonflies to the matching coloured mason jar. This is a lovely colour sorting game with 7 different colours to sort.

 Next I added a set of lacing cards. These cards are great for fine motor practice and are best laminated for durability. I used coloured shoe laces with this set but you could use wool or yarn too.

Next I added a simple number peg it activity. Children can count the objects on each card and place a peg on the correct number.

Next up is a number matching activity where children add the different number forms on each circle to each butterfly. This is a super cute and friendly little butterfly!

Here we have our very popular pom pom mats. I used different textured pom poms here but you could also use little coloured gems, playdough, buttons and also tweezers for a great fine motor activity.

Next up are our shadow match cards. This is a fun and simple activity where children match the picture cards to the matching shadow.

Next I added one of my favourite activities in this pack. This activity was the most fun to create and is super cute! Children can match the different shaped little bugs to the matching shaped flower. There are 6 different shapes to sort in this pack.

Next we have a size sorting activity. Children can sort the small, medium and large sized bugs to the correct leaf.

Lastly I added an upper and lower case peg it activity where children read the uppercase letter and place a peg on the correct lower case letter.

If you liked the samples in this pack and would like to purchase the complete pack, click the image below to go to our store.





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