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Boys "Big Bucks" Chore & Reward System


Here's super cute and FUN way to encourage positive behavior and to reward your little guy with "bucks" or incentives for responsibilities and chores around the house.

Here's how it works.

♥ Place the job card on the left of the chart and the reward for that job on the right of the chart.
♥ When that job has been achieved, remove the reward (paper money) and place it in their own printable "My Bucks" wallet and at the end of the week they can trade them in for real money! If using other rewards, children can cash them.

In this pack you will find:

♥ 50c bucks
♥ $1 bucks
♥ $2 bucks
♥ Computer time bucks
♥ Tablet time bucks
♥ Gaming time bucks
♥ "Big Bucks" wallet
♥ Chart
♥ 25 job cards
♥ 8 editable job cards

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