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Jungle Complete Decor Pack


Looking for a complete decor pack for your classroom? I've been working on some new products and am looking forward to adding more themed decor packs!

In this pack you will find:

1). Alphabet Circles - there are multiple uses for these circles. You can make
welcome banners, birthday banners, signs etc.

2) Banners - there are two different patterns included, including a pattern to
use for plain coloured cardboard to use for accent backgrounds.

3) Borders - There are two different patterned borders included, great to use
for bulletin boards.

4) Calendar headers - included are the days of the week and months of the year,
great to use on a bulletin board or your pocket chart.

5) Calendar numbers - numbers 1 - 31 included, great for bulletin boards or
your pocket chart.

6) Cut outs - different themed cut outs to use in your classroom in multiple ways.

7) Name tags - editable tags for lockers, chairs etc.

8) Rectangle labels - there are three different designs included in this set, they
are editable an can be used for name tags, book covers, word walls etc.

9) Round labels - editable and multiple use labels great for labeling school items.

10) Word wall toppers - alphabet word wall toppers to be used with our rectangle
editable labels.

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