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Easter Preschool Pack


I’ve recently given our Easter Learning Pack a makeover, and am excited to say it is now bigger and better! Our Easter Learning Pack is 80 pages FULL of fun, learning activities for your little ones to enjoy this Easter.

In this pack you will find:

1).    Alphabet match - An upper and lower case peg it game.

2).    Bunny & carrot number match - Count the dots on the carrot and find the
        matching number bunny.

3).    Colour match - Find and match the coloured eggs to the bunny foot.

4).    Chicken numbers - Match the different forms of numbers to the correct chicken.

5).    Number peg it - Count the pictures and place a peg on the matching number.

6).    Playdough mats - A fun fine motor activity, make faces with playdough.

7).    Shadow match - Match each picture card to its shadow.

8).    Shape sorting - Sort the shapes to the matching Easter basket.

9).    Size sequencing cards - Sort the different size picture cards in size order.

10).    Easter Egg alphabet match - Match the beginning sound cards eggs.

11).    Sewing cards - Sewing cards to print and play.

Just print out your sheets, laminate the appropriate games for added strength and get ready for loads of learning fun!

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