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Halloween Preschool Pack

We have a super cute new Halloween pack available! This pack has 65 pages with some super cute activities just in time for Halloween.

In this pack you will find:

1). Cupcake match - match the beginning sound picture to its matching
alphabet cupcake.
2). Colour pumpkins - glue coloured pompoms to pegs and peg them to the
matching pumpkins.
3). Number pumpkins - match the different number forms to the correct
4). Number apples - match the number word to the numeral.
5). Playdough mats - roll out the playdough and have fun making monster
6). Rhyming candy - match the rhyming picture candy cards.
7). Sewing cards - laminate and cut out then punch holes to use as
sewing or lacing cards.
8). Shadow match - match the Halloween cards to their shadows.
9). Shape sorting - sort out the different shaped pumpkins seeds to the
matching pumpkin.
10). Tracing lines - laminate these cards for re-use with a whiteboard marker.
11). Size sorting - sort the small, medium and large bubbles to the matching

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