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Shapes Preschool Pack


Our newly designed Shapes preschool pack is full of fun learning activities all about shapes!

There are over 70 pages in this bundle, included are:

1). Cookie match - Find and match the shaped cookies to the cookie jar.

2). Crayon sort - Sort out the crayons and match them to the crayon box.

3). Matching apples - Cut out the apples and find the matching shapes.

4). Rainbow match - Match the shapes to the correct rainbow mat.

5). Sewing cards - Sewing cards to print, laminate and play.

6). Shadow match - Match each picture card to its shadow.

7). Mailbox sorting - Cut the slot out of each mailbox and then “post” each matching shaped letter.

8). Flash cards - Shape flash cards for learning and identification.

9). Playdough mats - Roll the playdough into snakes and form the different shapes on each mat.


This is a great option if your little ones are learning their shapes and colours.

This product comes as a high res PDF, all using high quality images and foundation font.

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