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Fruit and Veggie Preschool Pack


Our newly designed and super cute Fruit and Veggie Preschool Pack is full of fun learning activities for your little ones.

In this pack you will find:

1). Beginning sound apples - match the alphabet to the beginning sound picture.

2). Beginning sound peg it - peg the beginning sound on each card.

3). Fruit & veggie sort - sort out the fruit and veggies on the matching barrel.

4). Number peg it - count each picture and place a peg on the matching number.

5). Pea numbers - find the matching peas to each pod.

6). Playdough mats - use playdough to give each fruit or veggie a face.

7). Sewing cards - sewing cards ready to print and play.

8). Shadow match - find each picture cards’ matching shadow.

9). Size sorting - sort out the small, medium and large fruit and veggies and place
them on the correct basket.

10). Before and after - find the before and after number for each card.

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