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Summer Preschool Pack

Our new Summer Preschool pack is full of fun, colourful learning activities for your little ones. There are 83 pages in this pack including:

In this pack you will find:

1). Sewing cards - cards to print, laminate and practice sewing skills.

2). Rhyming ice blocks - cut in half and match the rhyming words.

3). Shadow match - find the shadow to each picture card.

4). Write ‘n’ wipe - laminate each card for re-use with a whiteboard marker.

5). Sunny numbers - a number sequencing activity.

6). Colour sort - sort the different coloured shells, starfish and buckets.

7). Pom Pom mats - use tweezers to place coloured pom poms on each mat.

8). Size sorting - sort the different sized shells to the correct buckets.

9). Number sorting - find the matching number forms to each ice cream cone.

10). Beginning sound ice blocks - cut each ice block into each section and the
children can match them according to beginning sounds pictures and letters.

11). Shape match - Match the shaped ice cream tops to the correct cones.

12). Beach ball dots - Match the dots to the correct numbered beach ball.

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