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Space Chore Chart


Help your little ones be organised with our colourful and fun chore/reward chart packs. Little boys will love our cute "Space pack"!

In this pack you will receive:

1 chore/reward chart
1 my jobs chart
1 reward chart
21 chore/job cards
21 chore/job buttons
40 reward/encouragement buttons

The chore/job cards & buttons include the following tasks that most little ones need a little help remembering throughout the day. They include:

Get dressed
Brushing teeth
Doing hair
Putting pyjamas away
Packing school bag
Making bed
Unpacking school bag
Doing homework
Doing reading
Doing chores
Setting the table
Taking out the rubbish
Clearing the table
Taking care of pets
Putting clothes away
Pyjamas on
Saying prayers
Going to bed on time
Cleaning bedroom
Putting away toys

How to assemble:

1. Print out all pages, laminate for re-use or print out accordingly.
2. Cut out all chore/job cards and buttons, and reward/encouragement buttons using a circle hole punch for the round, and scissors for the rectangle.
3. Place your charts in an eye level position, where children can easily view.

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