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Our educational printable files are designed to be very easy to use. Questions before you purchase? We're here to help! Read on for help with  The Basics, Printing, Cutting & Assembly, and Troubleshooting:




What is a printable?

A printable is a digital file that is downloaded directly to you. You can use your file to print at home or at your local office supply store. All of our printables come as PDFs.

What software do I need to print a PDF?

Please use Acrobat Reader to view and print PDF files. You can download Acrobat Reader for free here.

Can I add my own text to the files?

The majority of our DIY printable files are NOT editable. The only exception are editable bag toppers, Santa Letters, and some classroom decor products such as name labels. No other files in our store are editable.

Will my files expire?

Nope! Once a file is yours, it's yours.

Can I print as many copies as I want?

As long as it is for personal use and not distributed among colleagues or friends, most definitely yes!


What kind of paper should I use?

I like to use white card stock for most products, this makes the products more durable when laminated. For our worksheets, normal white print
paper works best.

What size paper do I print to?

All printables are set up to be printed onto a standard A4 size paper, approximately 21 X 29.7cm.

I don’t have a very good printer, what can I do?

You can take your files to your local printing shop or stores such as Office Works. Your local News agency or Post Office may also offer printing.


How do I cut my printables?

There are several ways to cut your printables so they look their best. For straight cutting you can use a ruler and nice sharp scissors, a scrapbooking knife or guillotine. For round corners I like to use a scrapbooking corner cutter.

The corners are sharp after I cut the laminated products?

I like to use a scrapbooking corner cutter to make round, smooth and non sharp corners on products that are laminated.



My files are printing smaller than actual size.

Check your printer setting to ensure you are printing at 100% scale. Check your page scaling in settings is 100% and tick the “Fit to Page” box.

The colours look different when they are printed.

All printers are a little different and colours may vary. If the colours are dramatically different, check your printer settings in “Advanced Settings”. Check the “Print as file” box to ensure colours remain the same as on your screen.

The colours look different on my phone/iPad.

Don't panic! The screen display on a phone or iPad often makes colours look different than how they will look on your computer or when they are printed. Open the file on your computer using Acrobat Reader and it will look right.