Parents’ Guide to Social Media

Over the years, social media has significantly impacted how the world views it. In its early days, social media was a novelty. But it has since become the preferred method of communication for millions (or even billions) of people worldwide.

Some of the original misconceptions about social media are now dispelled. Social media platforms are not only for the younger generation but also for children. It is common to see teenagers on social media, but it is not uncommon to see them doing the same thing as a thirty-year-old or forty-year-old.

Some social media channels have a younger user base, such as Snapchat. But, newer, less-known instant messaging platforms are constantly popping up. Even established platforms are constantly evolving and updating their features.

To use social media safely, there are some rules and common sense advice that every child should follow. They include not adding a location, sharing a photo to a message and not using their real names on public profiles. Children should be reminded that they must not give out any personal information. Parents who are well-versed in the nuances and key features of particular social platforms will be able to offer the best advice to their kids, as mentioned above.

These are the top social media platforms.


Snapchat is image-based and allows users to share photos and videos. Snapchat is popular among young people as it allows them to share photos and videos quickly. Snapchat is safe because you can only share your Snapchat photos with friends. You can’t publish publically. The default setting allows anyone with access to your username and phone number to send you messages.

Snapchat has a few safety tips. First, Snapchat images can be saved by children. Snap Map shows the user’s location. It is best to avoid this feature.


Instagram allows users to edit and publish photos from their phones. You can share images on Facebook and Twitter by clicking a button. Instagram photos are by default open to the public. Instagram lets users view public photos uploaded by others and people they follow.

You can make your Instagram account private. Friend requests must be sent, just like Facebook, to connect with another user. There are many photo privacy settings. You can also turn off the photos’ location.


Many applications are available on Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform. You can also access many apps using a Facebook login. You must review your privacy settings for Facebook. You can control what information is shared with your friends and what they can share about you.

Facebook has the most privacy settings among all social media platforms. The company is often criticized for taking too long to resolve complaints and remove inappropriate material. You can avoid potential issues by choosing the best privacy settings for your child’s account.

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