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Letter of the Week - M

This pack was created for teachers to teach the letters of the alphabet, focusing on one letter at a time.

Each pack includes a variety of fun learning activities, worksheets and games to teach each beginning letter sound, letter formation and letter identification.

PLAYDOUGH ACTIVITY MAT - Mold the playdough to make the letter and match the lower case and picture cards.

PLAYDOUGH MAT - Mold the playdough to make each upper and lower case letter.

ALPHABET POSTER - A colourful poster to place on display and review letters.

ALPHABET WORKSHEET - A fun activity worksheet to complete.

ANCHOR CHARTS - Colorful upper and lower case alphabet anchor charts to review and place on display.

LACING CARDS - Upper and lower case lacing cards.

ALPHABET CROWN - A fun alphabet activity to create.

BEGINNING SOUND WORD CARD - Decorate each word with paint, collage, glitter or any item of your choice.

DO A DOT - A fun dot marker activity to color.

DOT MAZE - A fun letter maze to use with dot markers.

ALPHABET FLASH CARDS - Alphabet flash cards that can be joined with a keyring to make a fun letter identifying and revision activity. Each card contains a picture and word.

FLIP BOOK - An activity flip book to create and learn each letter of the alphabet.

ALPHABET CRAFT ACTIVITY - Have fun creating upper and lower case letter crafts.

FIND-A-LETTER - A fun upper and lower case letter find activity.

ALPHABET MATCH - An upper and lower case alphabet matching game.

ALPHABET BOOK - A fun reader for little learners, both colour and black and white.

PEG IT - A beginning sound identification game.

PICTURE SEWING CARD - Two sewing cards.

POM POM MAT - A fun pom pom activity. Place pom poms on each letter for a fun fine motor learning activity.

Q TIP PAINTING - A super fun painting activity using q tips/cotton buds.

ALPHABET SORT - Sort the upper and lower case letters to the matching mat.

TRACE-A-LETTER - A fun letter tracing activity.

TRACE AND WRITE - A fun picture, letter and beginning sound word tracing activity.

LETTER TRACE - Use these pages to trace each letter.

UPPER AND LOWER CASE MATCH - A fun cut and paste alphabet sorting activity.

WRITE-N-WIPE CARDS - Laminate these cards and use a dry eraser/whiteboard marker for alphabet tracing that can be used over and over again.

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