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Farm Friends Preschool Pack


We have a brand new, super cute preschool pack all about the farm!

In this pack you will find:

1). Beginning sound rooster match - Find the matching sound and picture snail.

2). Horse number match - Match the number horses to the barn.

3). Colour match - Find and match the puppies to the bones.

4). Lacing cards - Cards to lace and ready to print, laminate and play.

5). Number peg it - Place a peg on the correct number for each picture card.

6). Playdough mats - A great fine motor activity using playdough.

7). Shadow match - Find the matching shadow for each picture card.

8). Shape sorting - Sort the shaped pigs to the matching barn.

9). Size sorting - Match the small, medium and large calves to the mummy cow.

10). Mummy and baby match - Match the mummy to its baby.

Happy teaching!

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