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Letter of the Week - B


This pack was created for teachers to teach the letters of the alphabet, focusing on one letter at a time.

Each pack includes a variety of fun learning activities, worksheets and games to teach each beginning letter sound, letter formation and letter identification.

In this pack you will find:

1). Match it build it - match the picture card to the word card, write the word
then build it using letter tiles or magnets.

2). Flower match - match the picture petals to build the flower. This works well
when using other sets from our letter of the week packs.

3). Lacing cards - laminate these cards and punch out the holes for some
lacing fun!

4). Playdough activity mat - mold the playdough to make the letter and
match the lower case and picture cards.

5). Pom pom mats - a fun pom pom activity where children can place a
pom pom on each letter for a fun fine motor learning activity.

6). Playdough mat - mold the playdough to make each upper and lower
case letter.

7). Write ‘n’ wipe cards - Laminate these cards and use a dry eraser or
whiteboard marker for alphabet tracing that can be used over and
over again.

8). Poster - a colourful poster to place on display and review letters.

9). Flip book - an activity flip book to create and learn each letter of the

10). Worksheet - a fun picture, letter and beginning sound word tracing activity.

11). Trace and write worksheet - a fun tracing and writing worksheet.

12). Anchor charts - colourful upper and lower case alphabet anchor charts to
review and place on display.

13). Upper and lower case sorting - sort the upper and lower case letters and
place them on the correct mat.

14). Letter lacing cards - cut out and laminate these cards then punch out
the holes for lacing fun.

15). Decorate words - decorate each word card with paint, collage, glitter
or any craft item of your choice.

16). Upper and lower case match - an upper and lower case matching game.

17). Flash cards - these cards can be joined with a key ring to make a fun letter
identifying and revision activity. Each card contains a picture and a word.

18). Peg it - place a peg on the letter to match the beginning sound of each
picture card.

19). Car tracks - a fun car tracing activity using cars to drive around each
letter card.

20). Tracing strip cards - laminate and cut out each card for a tracing activity
that can be used over and over again when using a dry eraser marker.

21). Tracing cards - cut out and laminate each card for a tracing activity that
can be used over and over again when using a dry eraser marker.

22). Word match - match the picture to the word cards.

23). Alphabet crowns - cut out and decorate the crown. Cut and fit to size.

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