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Pet Friends Preschool Pack

We've given our pets pack a complete makeover! It now has over 100 pages with some super cute activities!

In this pack you will find:

1). Doggy bone match - match the different forms of numbers to the correct mat.

2). Beginning sound peg it - place a peg on the beginning sound of each card.

3). Hamster match - match the beginning sound to the correct picture card.

4). Budgie numbers - count the dots and find the matching number budgie.

5). Colour match - match the coloured fish to the correct fish bowl.

6). Playdough mats - make faces on each playdough mat face.

7). Sewing cards - sewing cards ready to print and play.

8). Shadow match - match each pet to its shadow.

9). Shape sorting - sort the different shaped fish to the correct fish bowl.

10). Size sorting - sort and place the small, medium and large dogs to each kennel.

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