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Ocean Friends Preschool Pack

Our newly designed "Ocean Friends Preschool Pack" is 74 pages full of super cute and super fun learning activities for your little ones!

In this pack you will find:

1). Sewing cards - cards to print, laminate and practice sewing skills.

2). Jellyfish lacing - use shoelaces to thread and make the jellyfish’ tentacles.

3). Shadow match - find the shadow to each picture card.

4). Beginning sound peg it - place a peg on the beginning sound of each card.

5). Number peg it - count the pictures on each card and peg the matching number.

6). Colour sort - sort the different coloured starfish onto the matching shells.

7). Playdough mats - make faces and complete each animal.

8). Size sorting - sort the different sized fish into the correct fish tanks.

9). Number sorting - find the matching numbers for each crab’s claws.

10). Beginning sound match - match the beginning sound to the picture card.

Just print out your sheets, laminate the games for added strength and get ready for loads of learning fun!

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